Our Mission

Not long ago, most of us crafted. We learned it at home, and at school. But over time, we forgot it and we got too busy for it. But the satisfaction we feel when working with our hands—from being a maker—has never left us. It's part of being human.

We make creating part of daily life again, where anyone at any skill level can make beautiful and useful things. And, you don't need a lot of time to do it either. We inspire seasoned artists. We motivate new crafters. We're a bunch of artists spreading the joy of making and gifting creative things.

The individual taste and style of each team member is apparent in the objects that collect around their workspace. Clockwise from top left: Cricut flowers and ideas for projects outside the production studio; office rock art; a fabric patchwork near Chelsea's desk; bits of inspiration from Matt's desk, including an embroidered photo from a Creativebug class.

Our Teaching Style

Our award-winning videos make learning a beautiful to watch and easy to follow experience. Creativebug instructors are experts at their craft—and they're amazing teachers. Our videographers are artists who capture the perfects shots and angles as if they're learning with you too. Then everything's edited down to pure, useful teaching so you can spend time making rather than watching—so your project comes out successfully the first time.

Our Culture

We're curious, we're makers, we're artists. We bring our own projects to work, showing others what we're making and sometimes have “crafternoons” where we spend time crafting together. We can't imagine life without art. It's partly why we're so dedicated to making crafting a fun, satisfying, and easy part of your daily life.

Behind everything we do, we follow this philosophy: artists supporting other artists. We purposely share our entire library, so you can play and explore across all project types and be exposed to different artists. This also encourages our instructors to meet each other too. So they aren't competing, but instead learn from each other, collaborate on projects, or become friends.

Supporting Arts

At our very core, we teach art. That's why we give 5% of every dollar we earn to nonprofits in art education. If you know of a non-profit organization who needs support teaching art to others, please tell us about them.